Summer Interns 2012

Discussion (4)

  1. Random Architect

    It’s called “work” for a reason. My first interning gig I did plenty of filing, along with changing light bulbs and restocking the office fridge. I even had to clean a toilet once. But guess what, as soon as they had an opening for a drafter, I was hired on full time. Went on to complete my internship and get licensed at that office. There is sacrifice involved in every profession if you want to get your foot in the door.

  2. PSUBill80

    Yeah, seen it. Happened with new hires too.

  3. Der Alta

    I’ve seen it happen twice with new hires. We have started a betting pool on new hires, now.

  4. Joearch

    I think this is pretty common – I had a friend who did this twice – once he started a new job, decided he didn’t like the office atmosphere and left for lunch and was back at his desk at his previous job by the end of the day. The second time, he left for lunch, his appendix burst, and by the time he was back on his feet a few months later he went back to his old job. This was more common a few years ago when there were more jobs than people around here, but since that’s changed I guess it’s more shocking when it happens.