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  1. Brian

    As an Engineer I resent that. Some days Architects are just as unreliable.

  2. gonk

    I agree with Brian that engineers are not necessarily any more unreliable than architects, contractors, or owners. I could offer plenty of examples of each group (including engineers) coming up short in some fashion or another. Have we been late sending drawings to an architect? Sure, in some cases. Has it been because we didn’t have all the answers we needed from that architect until a week or more *after* we said we needed it, with no adjustment to the deadline? Yes, in many of those cases – and in some cases when we still somehow met the deadline.

  3. PSUBill80

    Well said, Gonk.

  4. PapaSmurf

    In Maverick’s defense, engineers do have a tendency to wait til the end of the day, hit send and then walk out the door for the day. I’ve had this exact comic happen to me dozens of times.

  5. Joearch

    PS: Me as well. Also I’ve had re-occuring problems with getting ordinary very competent engineers to get their drafters to get mundane details like revision number and date right. Of course it tends to stick in my memory longer when an engineer fails to get something to me than when I fail to get something to an engineer…