Discussion (4)

  1. Jerry Putnam

    In the words of George foreman “The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it is at what income”. I suspect thyey are both good with either question.

  2. Rob

    The follow-up to this has to be BUT HE WAS 87!!!! And will continue to write (I hope NOT for the money).

  3. Joearch

    my retirement plan involves hitting the lottery…

  4. Ron Edgar

    An Engineer, a Quantity Surveyor and an Architect shared a lottery win. $1m each! They were discussing what they were each going to do with their share. The Engineer was going use his to take a holiday, buy an investment property and put the rest into superannuation for his eventual retirement. The QS was going to much the same but the Architect hadn’t made any plans for the future – holidays? invest? nope, he had decided to keep working until his money ran out.