Construction Administration: CAD Files

Discussion (7)

  1. JSL

    They usually end up paying me to do them.

  2. Edward Shannon

    My old office used to get pesky calls from all kinds of participants asking for CAD files. It’s a disrupction in productivity that can often take an hour, so someone else can benefit from information the architect has worked hard to obtain and document. A good office will have a policy (with legal disclaimer) and a surcharge for these.

  3. NBay

    Hei, Maverick… I used to work in a Construction company and we realy did our As Built drawings!

  4. Joearch

    We get a lot of owners that include giving the contractor’s our ACAD drawings as part of our contract. The most annoying is when the CM requires that we change the drawings every time a change is made in the field.

  5. Wolf

    Last project we worked on ended on Revision 32. Client woke up each morning with new ideas that he discussed with the builder which we find out about on site. Change drawing back at the office, then next time we get to site, same story! Should charge extra for any revisions over 3 or 4.

  6. Jeremiah

    Wolf, you should charge hourly for any changes made to the scope of work after DDs are approved and CDs start. Otherwise you’re getting hosed man.

  7. gonk

    We have had mixed results with contractor as-builts, both when we provided our engineering drawing files and when we limit the subs to architectural bases. Some HVAC and fire protection subs are really good about doing their own shop drawings (particularly fire protection). Some subs just give us back our design documents with a new title block.

    As for Wolf’s situation, we’ve always encouraged architects to ask for additional services when an owner calls for a design change during CA. Same for a change during CDs that causes meaningful lost work. It’s a clear-cut example of add’l services, and (except from a couple state government clients who can lean on design contracts that put the designer at a disadvantage) it is something that owners rarely balk at.