Friday Fun

Discussion (8)

  1. L.

    My personal favorite is PICKADD. Most annoying command ever.

  2. LA

    So how many other people immediately tried the command just to see what it does? I think i have found my new favorite trick to play on coworkers. That would drive me insane if i didn’t know how to fix it.

  3. JimmyFu

    I hadn’t heard of PICKADD and PICKDRAG, but I had run into PICKFIRST using ADT. Most annoying screwy command ever when it also gets changed from 0 to 1 etc…I believe no matter how hard you tried, stuff wouldn’t align in 3D…

  4. Anon

    This is why AutoCAD is the WORST PROGRAM EVER. What is the point of all the variables…

  5. Brian

    So I Googled PICKDRAG and found a post from Heidi Hewitt that states: “A new option in AutoCAD 2012, PICKDRAG = 2, combines both of these behaviors so you don’t have to choose!” Cool!

  6. jeremiah

    I had to look it up. This is office prank numero uno from now on. :-)

  7. Josh

    I’ve had PICKDRAG set to 1 for years now. It’s a time saver.

  8. D

    The point of all of the variables is to allow you to work the way you want, while I can work the way I want and anyone else can work a third way. Someone who works mostly in Revit may want to set PICKADD to 0, since that is equivalent to how Revit works. Others may not. It is easy enough to set up a script file with your own preferences so that there is no need to remember all gazillion variables every time somebody decides to play a prank on you.