Last Week

Discussion (3)

  1. Sheldon

    Yes, we do complain about the hours and the wages, with good reason, but those who work in construction enjoy a satisfaction unknown to most. They can point to a building, or bridge, or park and say, ‘I had a hand in that!’ In architecture, we bring together engineer and contractor, mason and carpenter, supplier and installer, to create unique spaces that make our lives more productive and meaningful. At its finest, it inspires our thoughts and aspirations. Unfortunately, the starchitects who get the press give a false impression of who architects are and what they do. The reality is that most firms create architecture for people, not for magazines.

  2. MichaelB

    Sheldon, so glad that you posted your comments. My passion has always been to produce great architecture for the job at hand. If that means a relatively ordinary house addition with extraordinary attention to detail and livelihood for my clients, then so be it. It would seem that the individuals who are in “the firm” in Architexts were not really with Passion for their career, rather a pessimistic and unrealistic view of what they should have been.

  3. DrafterJ

    Sheldon is right: Nothing in the world compares to pointing at a building and saying “Yeah, see that? I helped built that.” Its what kept me in the field thru 10 years of college.