Unfortunate Typos

Discussion (5)

  1. jasynp

    I needed to design a powerpoint for why the owners need a LEED building for work. I meant to write that the building as a whole consumes more energy than… insert fact. Instead of whole, I wrote whore. It worked for the sentence, but came off very strong.

  2. Joearch

    I find RFQ typos a little too funny, but never run across that one. A personal favorite is “This RFQ does not constitute an RFQ”

  3. Tim

    I was detailing a Pizza Oven for a client and instead of using insulating concrete I typed INSULTING CONCRETE.

  4. DrafterJ

    My best was ’4″ bored, Ridged Insulting.’ Lesson never to write specs on my iPhone.

  5. Greg J

    I once indicated a “4″ concrete slob” on a wall section….