Chronicles of The Office IT Guy XII

Discussion (3)

  1. JimmyFu

    Keyword in your About comment: “Stupid” (substitute silly/small/non-issue/non-important/rediculously-easy-if-that-person-had-ever-touched-a-computer-before).

    As a 30-something who grew up with computers, and as technology is/should be becoming more and more a part of our business, I am losing more and more respect for the uppers and their blatant disregard for the new tools of their trade. I thought architects were the life-long students. I don’t understand how they can continually learn about new materials and products, but refuse to learn how to do their jobs better with a computer.

  2. MichaelB

    JimmyFu, while this illustration is moderately funny, your comments about architects not wanting to continue to learn and improve their computer knowledge is preposterous. Basically you are expecting that the Architect not only be able to determine how an entire building goes together, and use a clumsy program to accomplish the task, but now we are expected to be individual IT professionals, too? I don’t understand how you cannot understand that IT professionals exist for a reason, so that we don’t have to do two jobs at once.

  3. grapefrutsquirl

    I suspect that JimmyFu is actually another architect who happens to do double duty as in-house IT support. Like most of the 30-something and younger staff end up being. On the other hand, being in that group I have seen how little time the Principals of (small) firms to spend learning new computer skills while trying to constantly bring in new work, manage current jobs, answer design questions, and generally just manage other major and minor tasks of the firm.

    In the end though, its important for the older generations to put SOME effort into actually adjusting their thinking toward electronics and integrate them into their lives like the rest of us.