Construction Administration: Submittals

Discussion (5)

  1. Random Architect

    And every single submittal in that box is stamped “approved” by the GC with no hint of their review anywhere, amirite?

  2. wtirado

    You been hitting all my pet peeves lately….Then the GC on the submittal documents that it must be returned by Monday in order to not delay the project. You miss it and the owner blames you and the contractor submits a change order for contract delay. Argggg! It’s always the architect’s fault.

  3. Quixote

    I just got utility submittals yesterday, and they want to start placing pipe on Monday.

  4. PSUBill80

    ALWAYS the design team’s fault, miracle workers that we are. What do you mean you have a life?

  5. gonk

    I was thinking about this problem just last week, when I got a resubmittal (almost five months after I sent back the original submittal) on a Monday and was asked if it was ready yet that Wednesday. Even better, one item in the submittal was a major piece of equipment that had been set on the jobsite about a week earlier without being approved.