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  1. E Architect

    This all comes back to quality of work vs. quantity of work. Architecture has been call the most technical of the arts. Our designs should not only look appropriate but they must function and be affordable as well. If you can do better quality work than others then one would expect to get a raise, if you can do more work that others the same is true.

    However, somewhere along the way someone forgot to tell the clients. They continue to see either more work or better work and still pay the same (or even reduced) fees. Sometimes they even expect more and better work for the same fee. This is simply wrong.

    If we continue to do more and more and are willing to take less for it over time the entire profession suffers. Stop doing work that you are not being paid for… in other words start acting like an Engineer or Business Major.

  2. Wolf

    E Architect you have summed up how I feel about Architecture 100%. Clients feel that because we love what we do we can’t charge the crazy fees that engineers do.