October Surprise

Discussion (7)

  1. Wightzian

    Instead of giving raises or a bonus my boss decided to get a new flat screen TV and a new speaker system in the conference room for client presentations. We have yet to use the speaker system for client meeting.

  2. Tim

    One year one of my former bosses announced that we did not do well enough give out an end of year bonuses. Found out the next day he bought for himself a brand-new top of the line SUV.

  3. pilote

    In the end, don’t expect anything.

  4. Riss

    So much for “trickle-down economics”. Haven’t seen a bonus or raise since before the recession started.

  5. DrafterJ

    A raise? Whats a raise?

  6. Anon For This

    I watched as a former employer bought a new full size SLR digital camera for the ‘office’, make payments to himself for ‘office’ expenses’, and take his son to football camps around the country while payroll checks bounced. I left being owed 2.5 months pay. The state attorney general has been after him for over two years.

  7. formerly_disgruntled

    At a former employer one year we were told that it was the best year ever for the firm. Come review time every one got poor reviews full of petty comments and crappy raises to boot. Interestingly enough, the owners got brand new luxury cars. Needless to say I bailed shortly after…