Redline Redesigns


  1. JimmyFu

    The reason I didn’t get a whole hell of a lot out of architecture school: we focused on design, design, design. And when I say design, I’m talking the conceptual and thematic.

    That’s great. But did it match the real world? Absolutely not.

    The conceptual and thematic designers are the principals/upper level staff. And they’ve worked hard to get to that level too – and they are not about to give that up to a bunch of fresh-faced graduates, goddammit.

    So for me, what was the point of spending 4 years of studio learning something that I will only really get to flex and apply 10-20 years from now?

    Put another way, couldn’t they have prepared us a little better for the FIRST job coming out of college, rather than an opportunity that will only avail itself 10-20 years from then? I would think I could learn whatever I needed to design in those 10-20 years.

    It just doesn’t make sense…