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  1. MrJackson

    I find myself being asked to do the opposite, fix the architectural.

  2. Brian

    If we consultants only got paid what we’re worth for last changes from the Architect…:)

  3. YulianMur

    Ha-ha! I had the same at work. Argg! How was I screwed(

  4. Sheldon

    Something about practicing engineering without a license comes to mind, but hey – that’s not big deal.

  5. Tim

    That’s ok, the client probably is on vacation this week as well.

  6. pilote

    Unthinkable in my office.

  7. phildathrill83

    agree with the first couple posters…sorry to say, it’s usually the consultants waiting for the architects so we can finish our work

  8. PSUBill80

    Answering a question today about door hardware; it has wires but it’s not in Division 26.

    Last Friday, we sent a final bid set to the Architect and went home. Half an hour later, the Architect asked the CAD coordinator who sent them to add a penetration detail to the M and E sets. Not sure where he got them but he sent something. That will be a bidding RFI.

    Let’s not even start to talk about backgrounds changing on the day of a submission.

  9. PSUBill80

    (you may have noticed that you have a lot of engineers laughing along with you, most days)

  10. SrLnclt

    @PSUBill80 – I second that about background updates the day of a submission. Some of the guys a checkset on a job Friday morning (for Arch comments by end of the day), and it goes out for bid today. Didn’t get comments until late morning today – along with a set of background updates.

    I also wonder what the split is on Arch vs. Engineers who are regular viewers of this site…

  11. DrafterJ

    The advantage to a small office: you learn how to do everyone elses job. Including the engineers. Our EE was retiring, so I spent a lot of time doing electrical work. Fun stuff.

  12. Central Standard

    Questions I have asked, in this situation:

    What kind of changes are you talking about? Is the engineer aware of the need for the change? Do you have a mark-up from the consultant? Who will coordinate with the consultant after the fact? Are you asking me to change our drawings or the consultants?

    I may say OK or more likely will say no. As a rule I do not change consultants drawings.

  13. gonk

    Excellent list of questions, Central Standard. I agree with them all – in most cases, you are going to be better off leaving the consultant’s plans alone (even if they aren’t coordinated) rather than trying to make design decisions for another design professional. Even assuming the consultant gave you a copy of his CAD files, you’re editing what may not be the current version of the file and you are doing it without knowing their CAD standards. It is going to be a waste of your time when the consultant throws it all out anyway.

    This is honestly something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen an architect do with our drawings. We’ve had last-minute background updates, certainly. We’ve also seen architects issue verbal instructions to subs that affected our work, which is as close as we’ve come (and worrisome in its own right). But I’ve never seen an architect even suggest making changes to our drawings.

  14. Joearch

    The real fun is when you only have enough fee for the electrical engineer to check your work – I’ve had to do it a few times – generally small stuff – design changes after the fact, a fire alarm system for an apartment complex once. I’ve had to make changes on incremental submissions, but since nothing was being built from them, if only for pricing’s sake.
    That said, the liability you take on for changing your engineer’s drawings makes changing them just not worth it, no matter what it does to the schedule.

  15. lorem

    These guys are uninsurable…

  16. MCT

    Reading comments on this website always remind me of what an utterly humorless group of people A/E professionals tend to be. RELAX!