Francis D. K. Ching Books

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  1. Guitarchitect

    My arch school pals and I used to call the author “Francis Money” as in “K. Ching” (ca-ching – or sound of cash register) because everybody had these books. He has to be living the high life.

  2. Ty Kaul

    brilliant…absolutely brilliant…
    thank you

  3. Random Architect

    When I was in architecture school I wanted to be able to draw like Mr. Ching, and 10 years later I can’t do that, but I can autocad me some stair sections pretty good! :)

  4. Tim

    I bought my copies when I was in Architecture School in the 1980′s. I still use his Building Construction Illustrated and I’ve bought one of his building code illustrated books. Very useful in my practice.

  5. DrafterJ

    I was just cleaning out my old text books. Its amazing how many of them where so newly unopened they still had sales receipts in them.

  6. E Architect

    Only one I got back in Architecture School was Building Construction Illustrated for $20.95 in 1988. Still have the thing at the office – typically use it to win arguments with younger “kids” just out of school who appear not to be taught basic drafting skills – like typical hatch patterns.

    I heard a rumor that most of the drawings in his books were actually produced by unpaid lackeys under his control and that by purchasing them you were effectively supporting slave labor. But that was over 20 years ago and I am sure they do not do anything like that nowadays…