Reviewing Drawings

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  1. Random Architect

    When I was an intern (still a student too) and I printed my very first set of final CDs to be stamped, I brought them to my boss and he asked if they looked good. I told him they looked good to me, but as a young intern I couldn’t make heads or tails out of most of the details on the set. He waved it off, said “it’s fine”, had me stamp them for him and he signed them.

  2. Tim


  3. JimmyFu

    Your timing is uncanny – my technical director and I were just talking about this – basically the hyprocrisy of the stamp. What exactly is the point of the stamp? Principals should think about the messages they are sending. The message I get is that it’s obviously a useless artifact of times past, inappropriate for today’s production.

    You know the real message it sends? That our drawings don’t have to be serious. And frankly, the system is set up that way too: missed something? put in an addendum! After the bid? Wait for the RFI! Put it in an ASI/PR/CCD! No problem!! Really, what’s the point? And give me the realistic, not the theoretical – we all know the theory – why isn’t it practiced/taken seriously?

  4. Tarchitect

    My first job as an intern out of college (I worked at another firm while a student), I had a very hands-off boss. After several months of frustration in not getting any feedback, I approached and asked him to review my drawings to just let me know if I’m on the right track. He asked what college was for! When I pressed him and asked if he could answer my questions so that I could learn more, he told me he would, but each time it would make him mad.