Major Avoidance

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  1. Central Standard

    No where does the article say “degrees To avoid. ” Further is shows the unemployment for bachelor vs graduate degrees. Arch graduate degrees show a much lower unemployment. 4 year architecture degrees which have been near worthless for at least 20 years? Do they include 5 year professional arch degrees as graduate? They don’t say.

    Report notes low unemployment for advanced business degrees. Yeah, we need more of those.

    If it’s that bad, find something else.

    And there places where you can find information rating architectural firms,,,

  2. Arch I am

    @Central – Whatever helps you sleep at night…

  3. Tim

    To Central Standard

    The article referenced in the link say’s ‘If you want to earn a college degree that will impress employers, you might want to avoid these five majors’. Note, it says ‘AVOID THESE FIVE MAJORS’. Now that does not mean that the report that they are referring to say’s anything about avoiding but the correlation is there if you just read the surface article.

    Also in fact the article is titled ‘Don’t Bother Earning these Five Degrees’

  4. archstuck

    This pretty much sums up my life, except I already graduated, my job sucks, and no one is hiring where I want, I’m not learning anything I think I would be happier as a barista at this point.
    end rant.