Broken Plotter II

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  1. krushert

    Only Been at my new employer for litter over a year now, and I am the go to guy for the plotter.

  2. BK31

    Where I’m working finally got a new plotter to replace our circa 1998 Oce. It’s still hooked up because the boss wants to run through all the toner they had stocked up. At this rate we’ll be rid of it in about 6 months.

    The new KIP is sitting right beside it ready to go but the only one who can print to the new one is the boss. The other day he wondered why he couldn’t get the new one to work. He’d futzed with the print settings in AutoCAD, reloaded the printer drivers, spent about 45 mintues trying to trouble shoot it himself and then asked me for some help. I worked my magic and got it working in under 5 minutes by…turning…it…on!