Building Design Suite

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  1. gonk

    Every time I’ve talked to an Autodesk reseller for the last year or more, I’ve brought this up. We’re consulting engineers – we need AutoCAD, and we’re about to need Revit MEP. The old Revit MEP suite worked OK for that, but they have discontinued it. The replacement, of course, is Building Design Suite. We have absolutely no use for Revit Structural, Revit Architecture, AutoCAD Architecture, or most of the other software packages.

    I once even asked them about firms sharing licenses – we share office space with a structural/civil firm, and between the two of us we still don’t need all of what one Building Design Suite offers. Of course, that was strictly forbidden. Each firm needs to buy the full suite and simply not use most of it.

    I can tell that the reseller recognizes that Autodesk is abusing their customers, and she has no control over the situation either, but I haven’t let a single opportunity pass without reiterating that it’s a complete crock. I’ve even volunteered to meet with any Autodesk sales reps that pass through town specifically to give them a piece of my mind directly.

  2. joearchnj

    I guess we may be switching to archicad…

  3. Nasser Bay

    Use Archicad! Cheaper, faster, cleaner

  4. jim

    Have you considered a straight edge, adjustable triangle and a good mechanical pencil with an F lead?

  5. cory

    No one under the age of 45 considers hand drafting an acceptable alternative.

  6. David

    DraftSight is a free alternative to AutoCAD if 2D is enough for you. 3D is not so well implemented.
    Also Rhino seems cheaper than AutoCAD at 995$ and around 400$ an upgrade and can export DWG also.

  7. zach

    I’m under 45 and would return to hand drafting. It will return the profession to the pace it should be at. Far too much extra work is created by using AC and Revit, and at a speed that is not healthy for design. In the time it takes you to hand draft, you are forced to think about everything else that is going on within the building systems, resulting in a smaller set of more concise and descriptive drawings.

  8. jeff

    zach you’re obviously working on small projects and aren’t aware of the complexity that goes into drawing and coordinating a large building with many consultants. Sure, Revit creates a bunch of problems and isn’t as efficient as it could be, but to act as if the program has no advantages whatsoever is ridiculous. I curse Revit and bang my head against a wall relatively often, but if I had to hand draw the buildings that my firm designs, I would quit the profession

  9. Dennis

    You might want to try Revit LT Suite instead. This comes with Revit LT & AutoCAD LT & will save you money.

  10. Wightzian

    Do not use Revit and Autocad as LT, that is the only thing at my office and it is horrible. It limits your work, specially if you are trying to get others to work with you on a project. If you are doing parametric design, LT is worthless.

  11. Dennis

    Revit LT is fully parametric – just like Revit. You are correct that it doesn’t support worksharing. There are lots of architects that don’t need worksharing or some of the other missing features and are happy to have Revit LT & AutoCAD LT at a reduced price.