Chronicles of The Office IT Guy XIV

Discussion (4)

  1. DaveP

    And why can’t they tell you that they HAVE fixed it?
    Thanks for making me walk over to your desk for no reason.

  2. Mark

    I’m the ‘Go To’ for ACAD help here. I only know the solution to the issue off the top of my head 40-50%. The rest of the time, i find the solution within two minutes either in the Help Menu or from Google. Really, its not that hard.

  3. JimmyFu

    I must say, there is an incredible sense of entitlement when it comes to IT support. Which frankly, I don’t understand the dichotomy: as architects, we are trained to SOLVE PROBLEMS. While one might argue that no two problems are alike, you would think that we have a GENERAL TOOLKIT/approach that we take to any problem.

    So why is the approach taken to IT problems different from solving what skin to put on a building?

    And come on – IT is a part of what we do now as architects. The idea and perception that we can design and do our jobs without learning anything about technology is no longer valid or viable. We sit in front of a goddamn computer 8 hours a day – learn something about it. In the very least, learn what Mark does!!

  4. Brian

    As much as this can be frustrating, it does give me some job security.