No Plans, Just Elevations

Discussion (4)

  1. L.

    We had a guy once call our firm and in perfect Pittsburghese asked: “Do yinz guys do haus plans?” Then he proceesed to send up a rectangular floor plan on graph paper. I think it was only then that he realized that our services were mostly likely more than he wanted to spend…

  2. Bob

    We still get call asking if we do blueprints.

  3. hari

    we had a client who drafted his plan on word with line tool n email us .. so that we could cad them n make elevations
    P.S: everything he wanted in the elevation were detailed to the last detail, as a note on the very next page :|

  4. Jim

    I had a client send me a change they wanted to a project we were working on for them that he had “drawn” in Excel! I still wonder how long it took to create the drawing he sent.