The Worst Thing

Discussion (8)

  1. Jerry Putnam

    For us older folks, paper cuts from fresh prints that were ammonia developed really stung!

  2. Matt Speer

    I am old. Jerry is right.

  3. gonk

    Yeah, paper cuts from fresh bluelines were particularly nasty. I guess I’m old, too.

  4. Brandi

    It’s not just the big sheets…it’s the number of sheets that really hurts! I’m not ‘that’ old, but I’ve had a few good ammonia filled cuts myself.

  5. Brian

    I was pulling plots of the top of the plotter once and accidentally swiped them across my lower lip. Worse than a shaving cut, I’ll tell ya!

  6. JP

    I worked at an engineering firm in the 1990′s, and we printed oversized, then trimmed them down with x-acto knives. You weren’t part of the ‘club’, till you left a hunk of skin on the cutting mat…

  7. BK31

    For me when i was starting out the vellum cuts were the worst…

  8. DrafterJ

    The ammonia cuts where the worst. I don’t miss those machines.