Construction Administration: Emailing Consultants

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  1. Lars

    What is it with MEP consultants and closing at noon on Fridays?

  2. Charlie

    In the 20+ years that I’ve worked in an MEP office, we’ve never closed early on Fridays. We have worked with architects who regularly closed early on Fridays, though.

    I guess if it’s that important to get a reply immediately, a phone call works better than an email.

  3. Some LA...

    Maybe if the architect had responded when they got the RFI a week and a half ago, they wouldn’t be in this position… ^_^

  4. Bob

    We use two consultants that close their offices the entire two weeks around Christmas and New Years. Of course, that is the EXACT time that the contractors call with URGENT issues requiring IMMEDIATE attention…

  5. gonk

    We’ve known a few architects’ offices that experimented with “summer hours” (add an extra day Monday thru Thursday and close at noon Friday), but haven’t seen that in several years. I know of one engineering firm in town that uses the schedule described in the strip. We’ve always felt that the office needs to be available during regular business hours, though, so haven’t ever really considered doing the same. (We did have one designer who tended to need to make job site visits shortly after lunch on Fridays – they always seemed to last until 5:00.)

    As for the time around Christmas and New Year’s, most companies are running on skeleton crews during that time. We’re open, but usually with around two-thirds of our office out for a week. It usually ends up being uneventful, despite the fact that everybody in town tries to set a deadline either right before or right after that week, because nobody else is working enough to generate a lot of activity.

  6. SrLnclt

    Its funny… don’t know if I’ve seen any MEP consultants in the area have reduced hours for the economy and/or summer hours, but I know of several architects who have done this in the area…

  7. lorem

    Email is worse than useless for anything time sensitive. Pick up the phone! It’s sitting right there in front of you!