Presidents Day

Discussion (7)

  1. Jim

    Unless you work for the government, President’s Day IS just another work day.

  2. JimmyFu

    …or any University/School setting…who else gets ‘all’ the holidays off??

  3. Sheldon

    I love the way Veterans Day works. All civil serpents, and many others, as well, take the day off, even if they are not veterans. At the same time, most veterans who work in the private sector must work that day.

  4. PV

    Plus side of working on Presidents day, no traffic. A 20 minute drive to the office is a 20 minute drive.

  5. LaDonna

    Our office is always open. Hubby’s university is actually open today, too. I thought that odd.

  6. Random Architect

    Who has petty cash at their office? Sounds nice, but no firm I’ve ever worked for has had that.

  7. PSUBill80

    @Random Architect – Small firms I’ve worked for had petty cash but my current office, a branch of a nationwide firm, runs on credit and direct deposit. On the other hand, if a PM were there, (s)he could buy the pizza and expense it.

    Our office trades these holidays for “personal days.” If a vet wants to be off on Veterans’ Day, that is their choice. If they would rather be shopping on Black Friday, that is fine too.

    One side benefit of working when your government and institutional clients are closed is that the phone doesn’t ring.