Chronicles of The Office IT Guy XV

Discussion (3)

  1. Jim

    So you’re saying I should remove Windows 8 from y new laptop! Someone mentioned I can do a downgrade back to Windows 7. Where do I do this?

  2. gonk

    You can still order business PCs from at least some manufacturers with Windows 7 pre-installed. I did that with three new workstations back in December as well as a laptop for the house around the first of January. I’ve got an old Toshiba laptop (which came with Vista) that has Win8 on it, which was enough to confirm that I want to stay with Windows 7 for office PCs.

  3. mav7

    What is wrong with you people? I have had Windows 8 Pro 64 on my office computer for a month now and Love It! Haven’t crashed yet. Runs even faster than Win7-64! Works great in an office environment on our Domain. AutoCAD runs great. Works the same as before on the Desktop and get the bonus of the Metro Menu. Great OS!