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  1. Roarkie Roarkington

    Funny how other disciplines hold fast on fees and the fee schedule remains relatively high. Perhaps not so funny. If the collective (or use the architortural term “collaborative”) wouldn’t cave, eat their own, and be so quick to acquiesce, perhaps the profession wouldn’t be in it’s present state (of industry sanctioned rape). Grrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. jOEARCH

    The battle I end up in is when we get the project, and the boss wants to know why we’re over budget on it (especially when it’s a 1 wall section fee and he’s designed a 12 wall section building)

  3. Merusk

    I agree with Roarkie. If fewer architects took this attitude, we’d find we were all getting fairly compensated for the work we do. This is part of where the old saw about good architects being bad businesspeople comes from.

  4. DrafterJ

    Of course when the fee is cut down to 25,000, someone else undercuts you by 5000 and the client ends up paying the other guy an additional 20,000 in change orders. Happens to me all the time.

  5. pilote

    Soooooooo typical,
    Like they (the bosses) forgot how long thing take to do

  6. dkoch

    Not to worry, any shortfall in the fee can easily be made up by uncompensated overtime.