Intern Resumes II

Discussion (5)

  1. joearch

    When I was in school I remember a push by the AIA to end the practice of unpaid internships… guess it never took hold.

  2. archiangel

    My firm has had paid internships for as long as I’ve worked there… but they also cull their interns from certain schools for the most part

  3. MichaelB

    We pay our interns here. They also do real work, with supervision of course.

  4. PapaSmurf

    The AIA’s stance is that it’s a violation of US labor law to not to pay your interns. Also NCARB wont allow IDP credit for an unpaid internship…they don’t want Interns getting exploited by working for free and having their employer still able to bill all of those hours and keep 100% of the proceeds.

  5. Random Architect

    What if an intern wants to learn for free? What if, to the intern, it is preferable to take an unpaid summer internship and gain valuable experience and knowledge rather than not be allowed to do so? Rather than worrying about an architect “exploiting” the poor little intern, why not allow the interns to make their own decisions? Screw what the AIA and NCARB say, I took an unpaid internship when I was in college, worked my ass off too, and got my foot in the door to a firm which later hired me.