Discussion (3)

  1. Jenn

    Ha… I gave a presentation to 5th graders recently, and they were so impressed when I gave them a ball-park starting salary. That’s because I was the first presentation of the day and they haven’t spoken to the lawyer yet.

  2. Joearch

    When I was in high school, and announced my intention of becoming an architect to my parents, my dad (who worked as sort of an owners rep for a large public entity) arranged to have people walk up to our table when we went out to eat and tell me why I shouldn’t be an architect (this happened a half dozen times). Unfortunately, I didn’t listen.

  3. Central Standard

    In a previous lifetime, I lived a block over from a high school drafting teacher. For a number of years, I would give a small presentation about what we (I) did. What I liked about the profession, what I didn’t. I got a bit into education requirements, schools, exams, earnings, and anything they wanted to ask. I brought in a set or two of drawings which gave me a chance to talk about good and bad projects.

    I was told I changed some minds in both directions; some who were considering architecture and started to think about something else and some who weren’t considering the profession but thought they’d lok into it further.

    It’s never too late to do something else. Why be miserable with your job?