Old Blueprints

Discussion (5)

  1. Nicole

    I just pulled a bunch of drawings from archive at my firm… drawings date back to 1988 – they are amazing to look at! esp the SKAs issued during construction.

  2. SrLnclt

    Nice job with the XKCD look alike today…

  3. Tim

    Be interesting to see what the Cyanide & Happiness one will be.

  4. TonyDott

    My company goes back to 1906. It’s amazing to look at the old onion skin drawings of highly detailed gothic arches, painstaking attention to stained glass windows, remarkable clarity and surpising simplicity. Make me remember why I got into the profession, then sends me into a depressive spiral. :-)

  5. AndrewM

    In my first office (mid-1970′s) we printed the tender sets in-house on the dyeline machine and then water coloured the plans – red for brickwork, green for concrete and so on. The principal firmly believed you got a much tighter set of prices if you did that, and he seemed to be right. And laying down a good water colour wash was the perfect R&R after the rush to complete the tender drawings.