Timesheets: Entering Hours

Discussion (6)

  1. Rookie

    I hate timesheets. Just when I think my week is finally over… I remember that I haven’t logged my hours…

  2. Pack7683

    The solution is fixed salaries for every employee and fixed fees for every project. I have not done a timesheet in years.

  3. delux

    I think it sounds like Eva is being overworked by Franklin and Newbery. Why else would she have you do her work? I personally would like to see her rebuttal to Scott. If she’s anything like our accountant, she would storm down the hall like a rabid Chihuahua with the printed email in hand ranting about taxes and payroll and accounts receivable…

    on another note, I’m typically to busy to fill out my timesheet daily. I tend to fill it out the day after Timesheets are due, and I’ve received “the email” from accounting. (I belive there was stip about that too). By that time I have no idea which of the 10 projects I’ve worked so I have my Sent Emails folder up and track time that way.

  4. Streetfools

    @delux, you took every word right out of my mouth. This is me every week.

  5. SpankyMcFly

    Ditto delux. I just love the 30 min. – 1 hr. i take on Mondays going through sent emails. I call it my “personnel” time.

  6. JimmyFu

    tritto or quadritto delux – nice/sad to see we all have the same problem, and deal with it in the same way!!! Though my IT guy turned me on to a program called Klok2, basically a fancy project stopwatch. I find for the “honesty factor,” it is incredibly helpful – takes out the guess work. But I still then need to spend the 15-30 minutes inputting it into our accounting system!!