Pay Day

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  1. swolfearch

    It’s all relative.

  2. Anon

    If you’re underpaid, find a job that will pay you more. If you can’t, you aren’t underpaid.

  3. eyeroll

    It is very well known that bad architects & design-build GC’s have watered-down our profession and that very rarely can firms sign for the fees they deserve (without being well-established for years) because there is too much competition of people vying for a client on the precedent that it can be done faster & cheaper.

    If there were less architects doing mediocre sell-out nonsense, we would all get the raises we deserve. Then, those that are surviving by making a quick buck fast and cheap because they don’t understand the profession would be out of business, as they should be.

    If you are going to contribute to the built environment, make sure it’s something worthwhile. If not, I encourage you to change professions.

  4. DrafterJ

    Yeah, I really get sick of hearing of other industries and companies that offer annual cost of living raises. 12 years, haven’t ever seen one of those.
    Nice to see my $90k education going to waste.