Friday Afternoons

Discussion (4)

  1. swolfearch

    That’s about the time the boss walks through the office and says, “You’ve been working hard; take the rest of the week off.” Assuming, of course, the boss is still there…

  2. Random Architect

    My old boss made a habit of touring the office every afternoon at 4:55 to make sure everyone was still there. Yes, even Friday afternoons, and if you weren’t there you’d hear from him about “sneaking out of work early”.

  3. Hipsterchitect

    5PM?? well then it will be another hour and a half in my office until I can wrap up and call it a day..

  4. E Architect

    I was told many years ago that our time on any one project was tracked to within half an hour. So I asked what happened when someone worked till say 4:45 and then spent 15 minutes getting another project ready for Monday morning. Apparently they logged a half hour to the Monday project taking 15 minutes from the Friday project if necessary. In other words if you could not spend a half hour on something it was possible to not have spent any time on it at all.