Spec Errors

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  1. swolfearch

    Looking for a specifier? CSI (www.csinet.org) is the place to start, or CSC (www.csc-dcc.ca/) in Canada. Look for CCS (certified construction specifier), a certification that demonstrates knowledge of the specifying process.

    Regarding “ownership” of work, specifications typically do not assign responsibility, as the prime contractor “owns” everything.

  2. Kristeena


  3. Daveinid

    …and even harder to find someone who can edit specs…or someone who actually reads them until everyone is lawerying up !!!

  4. ArchiLEEDguy

    In this day and age where General Contractors don’t do any work and just sub out everything, identifying which section owns “furnish and install,” “furnish to XXX section for install” and “install as furnished by XXX section” is growing more and more necessary. Some jurisdictions have construction laws that make this necessary as well. If you haven’t come across this yet in Public work, it’s coming.

  5. Pete

    What’s the problem? I read specs,write specs, edit specs and coordinate the specs with the drawings. I like it!