Lunch and Learn: CEUs

Discussion (4)

  1. Mary Beth

    A former boss used to have the secretary sign him in to every lunch & learn. I never saw him at a single one.

  2. W. Tirado

    Let’s start by saying its unethical. I’ve been on the other side of this. I offer seminars, often for free as a way to market my services. It is wholly obvious to the presenter when x number on sign in sheet and looking around the room you realize that afterwards there was no where near that number seated. Principals in my opinion are the biggest offenders. Knowing who they were I refused to report the credits to the AIA. Side note; if you get a free lunch at least have the courtesy to stay for the entire presentation. You are supposed to stay for the ENTIRE hour to get credit.

  3. Joearch

    Too many of those seminars are AIA enforced advertisements (not all, there are a lot of very useful presentations out there), but I’ve always viewed the lunch as the reward for sitting through the sales pitch

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