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  1. modernmodernist

    panelite samples make some pretty nice looking coasters

  2. B

    You can’t have too many stone trivets…unless you are my wife.

  3. kdizzle

    I have an awesome glass block that my computer sits on!

  4. ArchAddict

    I have a 3/8″ rubber fitness floor sample for my coaster, no loud clank when you set a ceramic mug on it.

  5. Frank

    Mine’s a Capri cork sample.
    Too light, tho, it sometimes sticks to the cup.

  6. Kristeena

    I have a 3form coaster!!!

  7. Some LA...

    I just use construction drawings…

  8. quiXote

    I have a solid surface counter sample that I use as a cutting board!

  9. Kat

    I have a hole stack holding up my lamp and extra 6″ off of my desk!

  10. Luiz

    Corian samples are the best coasters EVER!

  11. joearch

    That’s what rejected contractor submittal samples are for!
    My wife has told me I’m not allowed to bring home any more stone source tile trivets though : (

  12. joearch

    My desktop coaster is a 4×4 of Quartzitec 2138 Poodiac Cream

  13. rkitect

    Best coaster ever: a rep selling Extira Exterior Treated Panels gave everyone coasters made from their material. I’ve had it for nearly a decade now with no expansion or wear on the coaster after it being my only office coaster.

  14. arch!tect

    My coaster is a 4×4 sample of Thermo Scientific Epoxy Resin from a science lab project a few years back. It’s indestructible, even if you spill Starbucks coffee on it :)