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Discussion (4)

  1. JimmyFu

    Once again, “Office Space” nails it…

  2. pilote

    typical situation at my office: the boss comes in at 5:45, just as you prepare to leave, with things to complete rush for the next morning. Imagine your wife’s reaction…

  3. Joearch

    I can count on 3 fingers the number of times that’s ever happened to me, and it’s always been the result of the client calling at the last minute. Now getting sucked into conversations that go longer than I can stay, that happens more often.

  4. Central Standard

    You can always say “I’m sorry I have an appointment this evening” even if the appointment is to go for some exercise or, after looking at your watch, “I can stay until ___. Will that be enough time to review the estimate?” and hold to that time.

    I do not anwser the phone after a certain time, nor do I check emails after the same time. If I’m staying late it’s time for me to concentrate, get some things wrapped up and set for the next day.

    Set your boundaries and stick to them.