Synchronize With Central

Discussion (7)

  1. jeff

    easy ‘Options’ setting fix

  2. hdmi-architect

    an everyday experience…

  3. Revit Eats CAD

    Turn it off, it’s very simple. If you can’t figure out the little things you really shouldn’t complain until you do.

  4. Jenn

    Haaa… I don’t tell my team how to fix it to see whether they ever figure out how to change the settings. Plus, it IS a reminder for them to save to central. Or else… when they inevitably crash they complain about how they lost an entire day’s work.

  5. TonyDott

    I’m a little confused by people critcizing this comic. It’s obviously a joke/commentary on something we have experienced. Perhaps missing the point a little?

  6. Nick

    Just as obnoxious as when AutoCAD would complete an auto-save in the middle of the dimension/measure command. So annoying.

  7. Quelava

    Quit punishing Yourselves, switch to ArchiCAD.
    Funny comic, though.
    If it takes this sort of software torture to keep ‘em coming… don’t switch. :-)