New Interns

Discussion (5)

  1. Kristeena

    Hooray for interns and delegating mindless tasks! Don’t forget they get the responsibility of making Starbucks runs too! Mine arrived late May.

  2. JoeBags

    This is a traditions that probably needs to die.

  3. james

    Hope you at least pay them…unlike some people. Ahem…Sou Fujimoto…ahem. (

  4. PapaSmurf

    We got ours already but they were put straight to work doing “worth while” things like spending the summer updating all of our CAD standards and templates instead of more important things like taking turns being my personal ottoman!

  5. Darcy

    Mine started this week but I didn’t stockpile enough filing for him. Which means I guess it’s time for him to get started on cleaning out our flat files and doing all the back archiving!