Proper Attire

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  1. Nasser

    Mo… really? You guys have a dress code? We can even come with t-shirts! By common sense, no one comes with shorts, but i come always in jeans!

  2. Anyomous

    Nope, but everyone knows it’s proper etiquette to dress up for client meetings. Otherwise it’s common sense what is acceptable and unacceptable. Jeans are fine, after all we go to job sites don’t we?

  3. joearch

    Monday through Thursday, Business casual, which can include dark jeans, shirt must have a collar. Friday we can go with t-shirt and jeans. Shorts are never ok

  4. Tim

    We don’t have a dress code but most of us wear business casual attire.

  5. Tim

    Funny, I almost came into work today in jeans.

  6. LMJ

    We all wear business casual – I’m the only one now (we used to have more employees) that wears jeans on Friday. My boss wouldn’t say anything to me if I wore jeans every day, though. To be honest I dress better in my jeans than their business casual anyway.

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