AutoCAD Splash Screen

Discussion (6)

  1. krushert

    I waiting for the splash screens that have ads by sponsors.

    Autodesk. Brought to you by Subway! “Eat Fresh!”

  2. Tim

    With everything having to be ‘online’ on the time and always connected to the internet they could change the advertisement on a minute to minute basis.

  3. RKD

    I wouldn’t have an issue with ads if it lowered the price considerably. Let Subway pay for my next upgrade.

  4. Brian

    I thought they were a 3d model of those creepy plasticized human bodies that made the circuit here inthe US a few yers ago.

  5. Tim

    RKD it would not lower the price but you can buy different levels of advertisements. The more you pay the less they cycle.

  6. miki3d

    And you haven’t seen those for 3ds max, yet…