A Software Problem

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  1. Tim

    I have never gotten a response when I did fill these out.

  2. Fat Bob

    I always put, “Your mother…” when I fill out the error report.

  3. Jenn
  4. Tim D

    I usually get a response when filling out the error reports. Most of the time they inform me that there is a software update that I need to install.

  5. John Jones

    I had Revit crash 3x in a row when adding area reinforcement on an equipment foundation. I filled out the report on the 3rd crash and got an email from Autodesk in about 5 minutes. I talked through the issue with them, uploaded my file, they played with it and reported back that I’d found a programming bug. I had to use a 2d solution instead of doing the rebar 3d, but at least I knew to quit messing around in 3d for that part of that project. While I had them, I quizzed them on several issues in Revit and on each one, learned a trick from them that I didn’t know. I was shocked that I got a reply so quickly and very thankful for the new info.

  6. Phlox

    Used to happen to me too. Now I close all drawings and wait half a minute before closing the program. Annoying, but works.

  7. ArchTech

    Jenn – Those were awesome! Made my day!

  8. joearch

    You know that they have your information through your license #, right? I think it’s more of a case of they don’t care…