Running Errands

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  1. Hipsterchitect

    Well in my office interns can experienced first hand what it is like working in architecture firm. They were involved in mixed of exciting projects both local and overseas. They can involved in initial stage as in conceptual phase or even later on design development. These are real front end design base projects, not some lame toilet renovation or school A&A haha!. There’s no such thing as running errands, and of course.. No such thing as an unpaid internship!

  2. arch!tect

    I never had to do this sh!t as an intern…Anyone that did hopefully quit and moved on to bigger and better things.

  3. Jaysdubb

    We get free summer interns. It’s great to have them do all my errands or scanning.

  4. Bob

    Our interns get amazing experience, but yes, occasionally they run errands. Would you rather have an employee that bills out at $100 an hour go pick up those drawings? NO! He needs to be designing.