Summer Hours

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  1. SpankyMcFly

    We just got switched over to a “trial” period of summer hours. Well, sort of. We have a small office of 10, 6 of which “elected” to go to summer hours. The other 4 (Including myself) have schedules and clients that don’t let us “enjoy” keeping those hours. So not only do we come in early to make sure the summer hour folks have work, we stay late Monday through Thursday because they are generating more work those day for us to check. But come Friday, we have half a day to get our work done and no one here for us to have do it. So Friday afternoons we are left with work we need production staff for, and no staff. So we get nice extra long Friday’s too.

  2. H.

    We had summer hours a while ago. I managed to get out early on Friday once throughout the whole summer. Never mind that I had worked a lot more than 40 hours by the end of the day on Thursday. There was always something to do on Friday afternoons that couldn’t wait for Monday.

  3. Sonnenbrille

    yeah we dont get summer hours. Instead I just work an average of 48 hours a week and no overtime pay… yay for salary….

  4. Guitarchitect

    We have gone to “summer hours” year-round to allow us to have Friday afternoon off (most of the time)…7:30 to 5:00 Monday-Thursday w/ 30 min lunch.

    As you know, being a salaried Architect means that sometimes you have to get done what needs to be done, but I really enjoy when I get to go home at noon.

  5. Central Standard

    Some years ago I worked at a company where we worked an extra half hour a day and got everyother Firday off. I think that’s much better than driving to work for just a half day.

    Our office was somewhat set up in teams and you knew what your partner was working on and he knew yours. You knew each others clients (sometimes they were the same person) The person left at the office knew enough to answer most basic project questions, took messages as needed, sent stuff out.

    Clients were told of the office policy and I never heard a complaint from one of them. Our summer hours ran during daylight savings time ~April to October. Too much good weather in the fall not to go fishing.

  6. Bob

    Our office has always been on summer hours. It works, it just has to be known as office policy. Also, if a project is critical, we stay late, just as anyone would to satisfy a deadline. Most Fridays I am out of my office by 1pm. If a client has to meet in an afternoon or a Saturday, we make arrangements. We love the work that we do and we are happy to flex our hours to be accommodating. Also, it probably helps that every professional office in our area closes by 12pm on Fridays. So it’s common practice.