Quality Control

Discussion (5)

  1. Jenn

    But Revit is so much better! ;)

  2. Chad

    Just because you use revit at school does not mean you know Architecture… I think if you learn Revit in school you may actually know less.

  3. Josh Lloyd

    I agree, it is hard for me to hand off tasks to someone else as well.

  4. E Architect

    The tool is only as good as the user.
    It is like watching someone who knows you want to screw two pieces of wood together, they can either use your grandfather’s old Phillips screwdriver, your dad’s electric drill with a bit or your new cordless hand drill with automatic countersink head and magnetic screw holder. You see them get the hand drill all set up because it works so much faster and better and then you see them pick up a nail…

  5. iGet It

    While it’s hard to pass it off, one needs the experience in order to have the experience. If they have to do it twice, or even thrice, so be it. Interns have to learn somehow; that’s why they get paid so little!