Lunchtime Requests

Discussion (7)

  1. ArchAddict

    I’m pretty sure this practice is written into the office S.O.P. This happens almost daily in our office.

  2. Johnny5

    Story of my life…. I need a sign at my desk that says… any and all requests need to be also accompanied with a due date and time, otherwise it will be done at my leisure.

  3. Joearch

    I have a general policy of going out for a walk at lunch time. Well that, and my response to the first frame, is sure, as soon as I get back from lunch

  4. Bob

    Exactly, that is why I always leave. Otherwise enjoy working through lunch.

  5. ArchAddict

    even if you “leave” for lunch they will still stop by at 11:59… then come back the second you sit back down at your desk.

  6. Joearch

    I leave for lunch at 11:45 – it takes me 20 min to walk to get lunch, 20 min to eat, 20 min to get back. When they stop by at 11:59, they find an empty desk.

  7. E Architect

    Their lack of planning does not constitute a schedule conflict to me – but yes, the easiest thing to do is just not be in the office over lunch.