Engineers’ Reports

Discussion (4)

  1. mech

    Wait… You mean you guys actually read those reports?

  2. ArchiLEEDguy

    When I need a good laugh. When we have to send them to clients, if your reports are unintelligible, the architect looks bad as well. Oh, and giving them to us an hour or two after we promised time to the client is annoying too.

  3. D

    Anyone else ever get 3rd-part/landlord/city comment letters that have comments that don’t apply to your project whatsoever.

    Rule of thumb: when you get a package of comments that looks more like an airport novel, don’t freak. 1/3 of it is likely to be inapplicable filler and 1/2 of the rest is easily explained away without having to draw anything…

  4. Chris J

    Wow! The engineer actually sent you something?!