Discussion (6)

  1. Hunter

    I love this series, but speaking for a lot of us ‘old-school’ type Architects out there, how would you like it, by way of analogy, if your waiter came to your table and told you your food’s in the kitchen? It’s kind of like that with plots. :-) Thanks for your strip!

    • groan

      That’s a horrible analogy, Hunter. Go get it yourself, you’re not the customer/client. And quit acting so above your coworkers, they probably resent it!

    • Young Un

      It’s horrible that you’re actually comparing your employees to waiters. I’m sure your employees are unhappy! Jeez… Get off your lazy ass…

    • Hunter

      Then this might weigh heavily on your reviews. ;-)

  2. FLiT

    I agree with Hunter, the rest of you will understand in about 10-15 years.

  3. ArchiBob

    “No problem, I’ll take care of that right now. Check the plotter in about ten minutes.”

    Also works for lunchime requests: “No problem, I’ll take care of that first thing after lunch!”. No point in keeping people guessing, although I suppose without all the miscommunication there’d be a lot fewer laughs around here!