Warming Up

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  1. joep


  2. Oops

    Good thing we are in the business of planning….DOH!

  3. sharky

    Right on!

  4. HORNarch

    This is why you print the night before. I have seen too many people wait to the last minute to print and then problems happen when they could have printed it the night before. That way you can send it off to get printed if your printer is down. You would think people would learn.

  5. pilote


  6. E Architect

    Great example of when you make something easier people become more sloppy and less appreciative. It was not that long ago when making a print was a lengthy process. There was a time when plotters were so slow that you had to sign up for a time to print in the office because a single sheet could take forever. Oddly if printing was still a chore people would not be able to wait so late or not plan ahead so poorly. It also would mean that management could not expect so much.

  7. Dagwood

    Of course the reason she had to plot just before the mtg. Is because he made changes to the stack of plots she left on his desk the night before, to make some detail change the clients wouldn’t see anyway.

  8. SpankyMcFly

    In the old days you had to hand draft and send them out to have sepia tone plots made on velum and it took days to get back, but we planned. NOT! last minute changes have always been plagued buy unexpected delays, whether it is the plotter going down or the repro group being back logged or the driver being lost. Why do you think Murphy’s Law came about…blah blah blah It happens.