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  1. Brian

    Agreed. Only been a week and I am looking for my next one.

  2. Bob

    That is priceless.

  3. AB

    Its not that its too hard. It is just soul sucking…

  4. FYL

    How does it make you feel that the burger flippers are asking for what some firms are offering intern architects ? Seeking a chance to mop the floors of the bathrooms that are being detailed…for the same compensation. Such great stewards of the profession…

  5. DI

    That Tom character doesn’t have the right hair to be an engineer.

    • SpankyMcFly

      Oh sure he does, but add about 55 lbs and a smell of cheese and he would fit, spot on!

  6. Ratwar

    Well, it really looks like I should leave my job as a Structural Engineer to become a Structural Engineer because they’re apparently rolling in easy cash…

  7. Enginerd

    The Structural Engineering firm gets a fraction of the fee that the Architect gets, yet the Structural Engineer gets paid more???? The difference is that Engineering firm principals and owners actually pay their employees fair wages rather than spending it all on flashy offices, nice cars, expensive homes, etc, etc, etc…..

  8. STFU!!

    uummm… Go! Get out! Please! It’s no wonder these strips don’t accurately reflect the industry. They’re just jaded opinions of a few creative wannabes who project what they wish they could be onto the anonymity on the internet. Here’s something you probably already know… the BAC sucks, ok! Everyone has to start at or near the bottom, get a real degree and you can start somewhere around $20/hr. A BAC degree WILL NEVER get the respect from a degree earned from schools like VA Tech, Cornell, Temple or Syracuse. So go! Please!