Fast Food Strike

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  1. anon

    If you factor commuting costs & childcare I get STILL get paid waaay less then $15 an hour.

  2. Wild at Heart

    Granted this was 1978 but my first job as an intern out of school I got paid $3.10/ hr. My first job after getting licensed in 1983 it jumped to $9.00/hr.

  3. Tim D

    I got paid $10/hour for my first job out of college in 1991. It took several years to get to $15/hour even after I was licensed.

  4. Nate B

    In 2001 I got $13.50 an hour and had to pay for more than half of my insurance and a monthly fee for parking. I averaged 60 hour weeks… and no. I did not get overtime.

    I took a part time job at the home depot for $15.50 an hour to supplement my income.

  5. DrafterJ

    When I got laid off in 2006 I was making 14 an hour.
    Im making 16-18 now, and I have a BArch.