Office Camera

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  1. pilote

    Also, the reason I have my own is that the office’s cameras are never available when you need them. Although nowadays with smart phones…

  2. Lancelot

    I actually tend to use the office camera instead of my own, even if it’s better. As a Mechanical Engineer, I’d rather bang up the office camera than my own when crawling around mechanical rooms and construction sites. Even more so if mine was expensive.

  3. Greg Jakubowski

    My last job the doofus employer bought a $1200.00 (twelve hundred) digital camera for the ‘office’, as payroll checks bounced. Yeah, like I would take that on a contstruction site or up a ladder.

    It did take nice pictures of his darling son at quarterback camp…

  4. DrafterJ

    Yeah, my 5 y/o Cannon Elph generally took better pictures then the new office camera. Plus it was small enough to carry while climbing up church steeples. Fun job.